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This week we're heading back up to Nederland - for another Open Mic night.  However this time we've got a professional musician in the group.

"Scholten's lilting twang pays homage to an easy-going, feel-good Rocky Mountain lyrical tour of Colorado. Old times in northern Michigan are similarly lauded in "Old Moose,"..a touching account of pickup truck rides, "poppin' cold ones" and the important, multiple roles played by elders that wax in retrospective intensity as the years roll by..." - Boulder Weekly

6:30pm - Black Forest Inn
- Which is supposed to be the new German Bar and Restaurant from hell!  
24 Big Spring Drive  map
Nederland, CO
If it sucks, then we'll be next door at the;
Wolf Tongue - until 8:00p.m.
35 East First Street  map
Nederland CO 80466
8:00 pm - Pioneer Inn - Open Mic (featuring Tom Scholten)
15 E. First Street   map
(303) 258-7733

e-mail for carpooling info - 
See ya there!

Jim- 303-440-4141 cell 

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