Train your liver for St. Patrick's Day  -  Thur/Mar, 15

"St. Patrick was born in Wales towards the end of the 4th century. He was kidnapped and sold as a slave to Ireland when he was just 16. He escaped from captivity after six years and journeyed to France to study for the priesthood.

He returned to Ireland to convert the pagan Celts to Catholicism, using the shamrock to explain the mysteries of the faith and according to legend rid the country of snakes. The 17th March, St. Patrick’s Day, is a day that has long been celebrated by everyone Irish".
Haggis Happy Hour 5 -6:00pm   - Live music @ 9
Conor O'Neill's Irish Pub
1922 13th St.   map
Boulder, CO
(303) 415-1916 
See ya there!
Jim- 720-232-7585 cell 

World's shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade

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"If beer is liquid bread, the guinness is liquid cake." -Naveen Kumar

Judging a Proper 
Pint of Guinness:

1. An experienced  bartender will fill your glass three-fourths of the way, then set it aside for a few minutes so it will settle.

2. Look for a smooth, slightly creamy head. Remember: Foam is a good thing.

3. Rings (residue) left on the inside of the glass are essential. A thick (and thus strongly flavored) Guinness will have them.