Live Soap  -  Tue/Nov, 21

"All is not well in Big Rock (read Boulder), Colorado. A visitor from another planet is running for mayor. Police are on the trail of a genetically engineered monster. Worst of all, Buck can't get his pot plant to grow. And what of the mysterious Hawkwind? A team of three writers and 10 actors create weekly episodes of "Live Soap," a comic saga with multiple plotlines that features satiric jabs at many of the foibles that make Boulder the town that's become a punch line.  

The Critic's View
Hilarious, even to those unfamiliar with the territory. Tearing through dozens of characters in each episode, "Live Soap" makes the most of the West End's tiny basement theater by keeping the staging simple and the pace fast. The show's raw, cartoony feeling and the players' sense of fun are infectious, making the audience happy converts who can't resist coming back for next week's installment."

But first - "A Mexican joint that looks unassuming while it serves as one of Boulder's most hip-without-trying-too-hard bars.  Juanita's menu offers only three types of tacos but eight different margaritas and 16  tequilas—that's a good clue about the priorities here. 

During the week from 3pm to 6pm, happy hour features $2.25 house margs, microbrews and cheap eats, like $1.95 burritos."

5:00 - Happy Hour

1043 Pearl St (@ 10th St)  map
Boulder  80302
tel: (303) 449-5273

8:00 pm - Live Soap - $6  - 
West End Tavern  
926 Pearl St (@  9th)  map
Boulder 80302
tel: (303) 444-3535 info (303) 641-3499.

See ya there!
Jim- 720-232-7585 cell 
Matt - 720-839-4477 cell