RedWineMondy -  Mon/June 25 

Liquid Therapy has enjoyed outings with other local drinking clubs like the Barflies.  This week we've found yet another group in our own backyard called Red Wine Monday.  They only meet on Mondays so this week's mixer is a little early.  Grab a bottle of vino and meet us below...

"A friend of ours (Paul Bailey) met some of your members at Kinetics (he was part of the 2001 Space Odyssey craft)... and thought that we should consider a "joint" meeting. We are a group of friends who meet each Monday to enjoy Red Wine (and sometimes other libations), dinner...and good company... We have been doing this for the last 4 years. The basic rule is you get a formal (or informal as the case may be) invitation the first time and then you are on your own from then on. You just show up and enjoy.. "

"Tradition says, bring a bottle of red wine to share.. nothing expensive.. something to grill if you want dinner and we will do the rest.. And most important, bring your party attitude.." - Suzie
7:30 - RWM meets Liquid Therapy
Boulder CO
303-444-8124 - Suzie Spiro
303-818-9140 (cell)

See ya there!   Jim- 303-440-4141
 It is the southwest corner of 19th and Iris. If you can't park in the driveway, which is on 19th you will have to park on the east side of 19th facing north and walk up.. We start anytime after 7:30..