Historic Louisville + The Melting Pot 
Weds. - Sept. 20
We'll discuss the history of fondue as we dip into creamy cheese fondues, then cook savory morsels of tender filet mignon, mouthwatering chicken, teriyaki sirloin, and fresh seafood in either style right at the table. Then top off the evening with chocolate fondue desserts; melted milk, white, or dark chocolate with an assortment of fresh fruits and cakes for dipping.

Because reservations are a must, e-mail me here if you plan on participating in the fondue dinner.
But first we'll meet at Majestic Brewing Company, "A blessing upon the brew-benighted 'burbs."

And next stop into the Old Louisville Inn -- "The "Old" in the name isn't just marketing. The gorgeous antique cherry wood and mahogany bar dates to the 1880s, and the basement still contains remnants of the Prohibition-era tunnels that once linked all 22 of Louisville's speakeasies."

5:30 p.m.
Majestic Brewing Company site
270 S Taylor Ave. - map
Louisville, CO 80027
tel: (303) 666-5914

6:30 p.m.
Old Louisville Inn site
740 Front Street at: Pine map
Louisville, CO 80027
tel: (303) 666-9982

?0:00 p.m.   (depends on reservation so e-mail me to RSVP)
Melting Pot site
732 Main Street directions & map

Louisville, CO 80027
Here are fondue facts

See ya there - Jim - 720/232-7585