On Second Thought, Liquid Therapy is on Friday   July 7, '00

"Every once in awhile, a band will surface from the basement, or emerge from the garage with that one rarified, elusive quality that sets them apart from the others; they definitely don't suck."

This week we'll be checking out the band On Second Thought with You Call That Art??  Don't think twice, just come on down! $6, 8:30 PM at Herman's Hideaway. "A must-see stop on any tour of Denver's music venues..."

But first we'll stop into Denver's best Mexican Restaurant consistently rated number one by Westword, The Blue Bonnet for happy hour & maybe an enchilada.

5:30  pm
Blue Bonnet Cafe and Lounge  web site w/ map
 457 S. Broadway
 Denver  80209
 tel: (303) 778-0147
8:30 pm    $6
Herman's Hideaway   web site w/ map
1578 S Broadway
at: Located on Broadway  (between Florida and Iowa)
Denver 80210
tel: (303) 777-5840
See ya there!  
Jim- 720-232-7585 cell , Matt - 720-839-4477 cell