North Beach - the movie - Sun/Jan 21

We are flying back to San Francisco because our old penthouse is in Jed's movie!  Our friends Monica & Jed Mortenson (Co-director) are going to be in San Francisco for  the screening of North Beach the Movie in the San Francisco Independent Film Festival.  

"Tyler cheated, everyone knows, 
Including Paige, so out she goes,
On a date with a "suit" -- a yuppie peach.
Same ol' Tyler, same North Beach.
He's got no time for his usual pack --
Eighteen hours to win Paige back.
Hard to sprint with a smoker's hack,
Tough to love when you love to slack."
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Sat 1/20 - set the mood!
Drinks on the now famous deck
1616 Taylor #11 (@ Broadway)   map
San Francisco, CA  94133

Sun 1/21 - North Beach  - 85 min, 16mm; West Coast Premier
2:30pm -
$5.50 - buy tickets 
Fine Arts Cinema 
2451 Shattuck Ave at Haste (six blocks from Berkeley Bart) - map
Bezerkely, CA  94704

See ya there!
Jim- 720-232-7585 cell 
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