M u d       Weds - Aug 30th
We're getting down and dirty the last week of summer.
First we'll drink Mud Slides @ The Sink.

The long-time favorite Sink serves the best kind of combination—ugly pizza and "Tappy Hour" specials. 

Sink     info        vote Best Bar in Boulder
7:00 pm
1165 13th St (@ Pennsylvania)      map
Boulder   80302
tel: (303) 444-7465
The Sink has been around since Granny was a CU cheerleader. And once upon a time, Robert Redford worked as a janitor here. This place is a bit dark and dank, but that's part of its charm. Walls filled with caricature style murals range from drunken angels with haphazard halos to cute little seals viciously attacking an Exxon CEO. 
Next the mud flies at Tulagi for one night only of mud wrestling
9:00 pm - $5
TULAGI     info        web site
1129 13th St (at College)     map
Boulder  80302-7015
tel: (303) 442-1369
Tulagi first opened its doors in 1948. "It is not a real fancy place, but it is doing a hell of a business -- it is very profitable," Evans said.  Tulagi has hosted live bands over the years including Big Head Todd, The Samples, Primus, Mojo Nixon, Leftover Salmon and Band du Jour.

Mud is fun!

Mud Slide recipe:
2 oz. vodka
2 oz. kahlua  
2 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
shake, strain into lowball glass
See ya there!
Jim 720/232-7585