Evergreen's Ice  Here's the new plan  - Thur/Feb, 22
CANCELED due to warm weather!

Evergreen is funky little mountain town just west of Denver.  They have a huge frozen lake ready for ice skating every night of the week.  This Thursday let's catch a little winter wonderland before it slips away again for another year.

The most  famous bar in town is the Little BearIt's a wild mountain roadhouse like nothing else in Denver!    "This bar should be a Colorado landmark by now. The Little Bear has always been one of the more rustic places to hang out in when you're tired of the city. Go here for a true taste of what the Colorado mountains have to offer. Ladies: Bring an extra bra, because one might end up in the rafters. " -dc

5-7 pm  - Lake House
29614 Upper Bear Creek Rd.
Evergreen  CO 80439    map
Ice Skating Hotline - 303 512 9300 
Skate:  $3.50 per person
Rent Stakes:  $2 an hour

7:00 p.m. - Drinks
Little Bear
28075 Hwy 74
Evergreen  CO    map

See ya there!
Jim- 720-232-7585 cell

Matt - 720-839-4477 cell 


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