Boulder's Ice  - Thur./Dec.13,  '01

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Not to be confused with the much more serous Lake Ice in Evergreen next month, this tiny Boulder city ice rink rests not in the wild, but in the middle of a bar district.  Oh wait, that's a good thing.  The only possible bad karma for this rink could be that it temporarily rests upon the future site of the much protested apartment development that could block the best views of the flatirons while drinking cold beers on a rooftop in the hot sun  --  The West End Tavern. 

However, we're not going to protest, (at least not tonight), because this spot, at then end of Pearl, was home to Live Soap and also the Big Wheel Rally.  It most certainly is worthy of liquid refreshment while we heal from all the silly tricks we'll undoubtedly undertake while hanging on to that illusive youthful nostalgia.  Don't miss the laughs.

6:00 pm - West End Tavern   site
926 Pearl St (@  9th)  map
Boulder 80302
(303) 444-3535

7:00 - Winter Skate  $4 to skate, $2.50 to rent.
9th & Pearl  
Boulder CO
live shot of the rink   

See ya there!

Jim- 303.440.4141