A Toast to Drinking

The news is older than most of the bottles in the cellar: Red wine is good for your heart. More recently, though, studies have shown that most of what you toss back, from Mad Dog to martinis, has some health benefit. How convenient. But this doesn't mean you should start bingeing-research has shown that hitting the bottle more than once or twice a day can turn all those drinking positives into a bunch of serious negatives (you know, cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease, alcoholism, depression...). Downsides be damned, here's how your favorite quaff measures up.


 The Sauce    
The Claim The PROOF The Daily Dose
White Wine helps your lungs stay healthy
Researches measure the exhalation strength of 1,555 New Yorkers ages 35-79, and the oenophiles had stronger lungs.  the antioxidants in white wine may prevent free radical molecules from destroying the tissues and narrowing the airways.
one to tree glasses

Red Wine prevents the common cold A year long Spanish study of 4,000 volunteers showed that those who sipped chiantis and cabs had 44 percent fewer colds than the abstainers. two glasses

Beer protects against heart disease
After 111 men tippled beer, wine, sprits, and water with dinner for three weeks at a stretch, only beer, which contains folate and vitamin B6, kept levels of homocysteine (a heart-damaging chemical) from building up.
one pint

Happy Hour Special will keep you sane A six-year survey of 5,400 Dutch drinkers showed that a few cups of hooch a day reduced the risk of dementia by 71 percent.  one to three drinks


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