Gunslingers, Ghosts & Gold!   Tues. July 25  
Stumbling tour through LoDo
"If you have a sense of humor...and a taste for the unusual..."
"It all begins and ends in the heart of LODO.... Downtown Denver has had a colorful history of rags to riches miners, desperadoes, shady ladies, saloons, thieves and upstanding citizens. It has survived fire, flood, drought, starvation, plague and panic to become the modern cosmopolitan center of the midwest."
Tuesday  - Happy Hour  5:30 - 7:00
Wynkoop Brewing Company    web site
1634 18th St.  (18th & Wynkoop)
Denver, CO 80202     map
Tuesday  - 7:00 pm
LoDo walking tour  -  $15    web site
In front of Wynkoop Brewery  (18th & Wynkoop)
1634 18th St.
Denver, CO 80202     map
Stops as follows:
This Schedule is subject to change. I will look into getting us some privileges but no promises. I will promise showing you a part of  Denver that is fun and you will want to share. This was and still is one wild and weird town."  -Beaux
See ya there!
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