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"The mixed industrial area on Osage Street near downtown was the last place I expected to find nirvana. But my friend Leland and I discovered it in the Zen rock garden at Domo."  -DRMN
Kamikaze Exhibit
Domo's Folk Art Museum is now featuring a special exhibition of over 200 Japanese Sakezuki (sake cups) used by the Japanese military during war time from the late1800's through 1945.  Exhibition includes sake cups used by the Kamikaze pilots for a toast before their final fateful missions.
Patio & Drinks 
Zen rock garden for drinks complete with a large Sake selection
Food =  No Sushi.
"Domo" means "thanks" in Japanese and that's what you will give when dining here.  This is country Japanese - no sushi, no sashimi - which means an enormous variety of side dishes, long-cooked meats and brown rice.
Tables are huge slabs of flagstone. Chairs, stumps of trees. The ceiling vaults and there's a tree that climbs the length of one long wall. Outdoors, there is a Japanese garden."
5:30 - 7:30  - Zen drinks & enlightenment in the Garden
Domo   site
1365 Osage St., Denver   map
7:30  - Appetizers & Kamikaze Sake
Domo   site
1365 Osage St., Denver   map
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