For Wednesday, June 20th:

Happy Hour: 5pm - 8 pm; 60 South; Special attraction: 8pm; FREE!!!!

If you enjoyed Cafe Cero, you're gonna love
60 South!!!!!!

This week, we'll drink and play at 60 South (formerly Zu) from 5 til 8 pm. Then, at 8, Camel will host one of it's "7 Pleasures of the Casbah" parties. Last time we attended one of these parties ("SPA" at Cafe Cero), they gave us free massages, free manicures, free tattoos, etc. This party promises to be just as fun with the theme being Illusion. I suspect that means there'll be some kind of "MAGIC" in the air!!!! Normally, on Wednesdays, 60 South hosts women's wet t-shirt contests, so who knows what's in store for us there!

At 60 South Broadway; 303-777-0193

Terri's cell: 720-935-4016