For Wednesday, June 13th:

Cocktails & Food: 5pm - 7:30 pm; Blue 67 (map)
Show Time: 8pm; Cost: $15-$55; The Auditorium Theater (map)

For Starters: Blue 67

The creators of Blue 67 are proud to bring you Denver's newest contemporary restaurant and modern style martini lounge. Blue 67 is located on the corner of 15th and Lawrence and will feature 67 different specialty martinis, and delicious contemporary cuisine in an eclectic musical setting.

1475 Lawrence Ste 150 Denver, CO 80202



Dame Edna: The Royal Tour!

Appearing at The Auditorium Theatre is the world renowned Dame Edna!
Blessed at birth with natural wisteria hair, Dame Edna Everage is a housewife, megastar, investigative journalist, social anthropologist, children's book illustrator, chanteuse, swami, monstre sacre, adviser to British royalty, spin doctor, grief counselor and icon. An infamous prankster and provocateur in his native Australia, Humphries has been staging seat-of-the-pants public comedy decades before the phrase "performance art" was ever uttered. But his most famous and terrifying character is Dame Edna, a glittering, tyrannical Australian homemaker whose caring voice is honey-dipped razor blades. Edna's favorite term of endearment for the audience -- "Possums" -- may be cooed just before she picks you out of the crowd for an assessment of your fashion sense ("I used to try to make my own clothes, too"). Or she may terrify you by commanding that you perform naked cartwheels. She's already strung up such hapless creatures as Mel Gibson and Cher, and you may be next. Those in the expensive seats, take note: Dame Edna keeps a map in her dressing room of precisely which victims she'll hit -- and they're likely to be in the first fifteen rows. Whatever you do, don't walk in late -- she'll mop up the floor with you. -- Constance Markiewic.

14th and Curtis Streets Denver, CO 80204

For tickets, email Terri by noon, June 12th!!!!

Terri's cell: 720-935-4016