Diamond-Cabaret  -  Fri./Aug, 31, 01 
By popular demand, liquid-therapy is heading back to Colorado's Premiere exotic club.  (Don't worry about a slope in culture, liquid-therapy has been to both the Symphony, the Opera, and the Dinner Theatre)  

Terri's group caught the show on June 15th, and now we'll check it out one more time! 

"The place feels elegant, and service is friendly, prompt and professional. Even the dancers call it classy. "

2000 Best Steak Nominee

Diamond Cabaret

5-7pm - Free Buffet - $4 dollar entrance fee before 7pm ($10 after 7pm) 
1222 Glenarm Pl   map
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 571-4242

See ya there!
Jim 303-440-4141

A Short History of Cabaret

Burlesque What it was