Citysearch Speaks! -  Thur/Aug 2nd
Don's Club Tavern in Denver  -  Thur/Aug 2nd

According to Citysearch's Best 14 Boulder Bars, The only bar that Liquid Therapy hasn't been to is #10 K's China.
"At night, especially the warm ones, the patio heats up to crowds...There are two bars, so drink lines are not usually a problem. The signature drink specials lure in any college student or struggling waitress. However, the most popular drink is the dynamic Volcano, guaranteed to send you to drunken madness. A red concoction fills the walls of a huge volcano cup and is filled with hard liquor of every kind. The middle compartment is filled with Everclear and set on fire to really wow visitors. Locals bring tourists here to experience at least one of these legendary drinks."

6:00pm - K's China
1325 Broadway St   map
Boulder, CO 80302 
(303) 413-0000 

See ya there!
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