Bye Bye Brian Boulware (again) - Tues./April 16, 02

Not to be confused with last year.  Liquid Therapy regular, Kinetics parade staple, LT Super Bowl host, and hot or not hottie,  Brian Boulware is moving to San Diego to work, surf, and this time really start up a charter chapter.   (we hope).  So this Tuesday we'll say fare-the-well to old Boulware at his two favorite watering holes. 

First the RIO - "The floors are concrete, but elegant chandeliers hang here and there. Tables--often sticky from the last group's margaritas--are hand-painted with Mexican folk designs. A cavernous bar with a balcony is to the left of the hostess stand."

Then the Walrus - "During happy hour the place is usually filled with pool-playing locals looking for a cheap swill; after dark the college students take over."

But first "If there is no snow outside and the sun warms the air, you have found the Peach Pit of Boulder. La Iguana is home to the raging alcoholics of the university. There is, indisputably, no better place to catch some rays, kick back some Coronas and mingle with the college scene in town."

6:00 pm - La Iguana Taqueria
1301 Broadway St  
Boulder CO 
(303) 938-8888
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8: 00 pm  - Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant
1101 Walnut St  
Boulder CO 
(303) 444-3690
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10: 00 pm  - Walrus
1911 11th Street  
Boulder CO 
(303) 443-9902
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See ya there!
Jim- 303-819.0053 cell