Vagina Monologues  - Thur/11/15, 2001     SOLD OUT!

For those of you who didn't get tix in time - (MYSELF INCLUDED - DAMN!) we'll head to the Church on Fri.

"Yes, it's impossible to imagine a more horrendous title. Get over it. There's not an icky, eye-rolling moment in Eve Ensler's simply spectacular one-woman show about, well, you can guess. Ensler's characters, who range from an attorney-turned-sex therapist to an old broad from Queens, speak on the subject in alternately funny, poetic, and provocative voices. The highest recommendation of Ensler's wit? The roars of laughter from the estrogen-challenged half of the audience." (TC) A --RAW

Thursday @ 7:30 PM  -  $30  (RSVP so we can all sit together by Nov. 11)
2032 14TH ST.
Boulder, CO
Phone: 303.786.7030

Starring: Tracey Leigh, Amy Love, & Hazel Miller


See ya there!

Jim- 303.440.4141 cell