Roaring 20s meets Liquid-Therapy  -  Thur/Feb 21
"For those of you who are new to Roaring 20's, here's the gist: A bunch of 20-something professionals get together regularly at local bars to hang out, have some drinks and meet new people. There's no cover charge or registration fee - just cover your own tab. It's very informal, but very fun. And who knows -- we may all become really important someday and, thanks to Roaring 20's, we'll also be really well connected."  - 

This month's event will take place Thurs. at the Celtic Tavern - located on the corner of 18th and Blake, downtown. We will gather in the "Robert Burns Room," located off the back, left side of the main room. Free appetizers will be served.

Please RSVP to Natalie Wilkins at or 303-296-0343 ext. 239, and remember to pass the invite on to your friends.

6:00-9:00 pm
1801 Blake St.  map
Denver, CO  80202

See ya there!

Jim  303.440.4141