Alley Cat - Sat.  02.09

"Alley Cat's aura of mystery begins at its small front door in the alley behind Diamond Cabaret. A stairway ascends past a small shrine on the landing to a narrow hallway, where muffled music throbs behind closed doors. World-class DJs spin trance in a small lounge area, and house in the main room. A small dance floor accommodates those who want to grind to the music, but all eyes turn to the stage, where girls dressed to fashion writhe and groove to the pounding bass. A more private room (tip the bouncer as you pass) allows open bottles and a close-up of whoever's performing on the table--anyone from the last dancer on the big stage to a shirtless, muscular fire eater."

"Alley Cat is a real live slice-of-Miami nightlife right in the heart of Denver. With a velvet rope, VIP areas and world-class talent -- both live and DJ -- Alley Cat is a high-end club in an unlikely part of town. The club is so exclusive, you’d think Steve Rubell was working the door some nights."

But first:  You've been to the Derby, now come to the Parties!
At the Breckenridge Brewery in LoDo (2220 Blake St) on Sat, Feb 9 from 7-9pm. Come see pictures and celebrate with the Cardboard Derby teams. This will be your last chance to get KBCO/Cardboard Derby collectable t-shirts. Derby team members can get FREE registration for Kinetics at the After-Cardboard Derby parties!

Breckenridge Brewery
2220 Blake St

10:00 pm
Alley Cat
1222 Glenarm
Denver, CO 80202   map
303) 571-4545

See ya there!
Jim- 303.440.4141