Lesbian Kiss-In!  Bringing Equality & Progress to the Rock pile!   Fri. Sep 8.
Last month the L.A. Dodgers, embroiled in controversy all season, found themselves in even deeper doo-doo after two lesbians were ejected from Dodgers Stadium for smooching, while their straight friends, also kissing, were left alone. 
The Dodger organization responded quickly by apologizing and donating some 5,000 tickets to gay and lesbian groups. 
This Friday night we head back to the Rock pile for a Liquid Therapy Lesbian Kiss-In, as our Rockies take on the Bad Boys from L.A.  

So, straight, gay, or just confused, come on out for out latest celebration of baseball, beer, and the American way!

Rock pile tickets must be purchased two hours in advance on game day.  They only cost $4.  Don't worry about cutting out of work early, just reply to this e-mail with the words "Get me a damn ticket!" in the SUBJECT: line before 4pm on Friday & we'll front ya the couple bucks.  We'll leave your tickets at Will Call with your name on them.  Sing with me, "Take me out to the ballpark!"

6:05 - Happy Hour
Baja Beach Club
2229 Blake Street    map
Denver 80205
tel: (303) 298-8006

7:05 - Rockies vs. Dodgers
Coors Field   map
Meet at Will Call - or anytime after if you've e-mailed me for you tickets before 4pm on Friday.  Otherwise we won't all get to sit together!

8:05- The Kiss
Unroll the banner, get on TV, & make history!
Friday's weather will be sunny & 83  
See ya there!
Jim- 720-232-7585 cell
Matt - 720-839-4477 cell   

from the Rock Pile Seats.