Beat West meets New West     Thur. Aug/11 
" I was in Denver. He let me off at Larimer Street. I stumbled along with the most wicked grin of joy in the world, among the old bums and beat cowboys of Larimer Street." -- Jack Kerouac in On the Road.
"Larimer Street may have gone Godiva, but four blocks away you can still listen to jazz all night in a smoky barroom."
"Sinatra, Bennett and Fitzgerald are some of the heavies who've worked up a sweat in this [El Chapultepec] venerable rumpus room since 1951.  A wealth of rock and rollers—Paul McCartney, Mick & Keith, to name a few—have also done time here. Owner Jerry Krantz—a no-nonsense jazz savior who's seen it all—once refused to let the members of U2 into his place for bringing along underage dates."
5:30 - 7:30  - Cheap beer & Dean Moriarty's forever-lost father
El Chapultepec   site         best jazz -ww 
1962 Market St  (@ 20th)  map
Denver 80202 
tel: (303) 295-9126
Then next door we'll time-warp into the new west broadcasting live on the internet!  Brought to you by one Denver's yahoo listed theme drinking web sites with a live web cam...
7:30 - 9:00
The Giggling Grizzly   -  $1 domestic drafts & $1.50  wells     site       
1320 20th Street       map   
Denver, CO  80202
And if there is time..."My Brother's Bar, is a great Beat site.  Just go toward the mountains on 15th. You'll cross the Platte River Valley as you go there -- Cassady was all over this area as a kid. He called it his "beach."
This is a bar where Cassady definitely drank -- and it's been in continuous operation since the days when Neal drank here. There's no sign -- never has been, but it's on the southeastern corner, across from Shakespeare's Poolhall (modern site). Back by the pay phone, hung on the wall, is a letter from Neal to Justin Brierly! Cassady is writing from juvy hall, asking Brierly to come to this bar at 15th and Platte to pay off his bar tab!"
9:00 - 
My Brother's Bar,     site 
15th and Platte (2376 15th Street)     map 
Denver, CO 80202
tel: (303) 455-9991
See ya there!
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