Scotts on Alpine-  Thur.1.28.16

"Who we are - Our bar 

If Scotts is the community, the bar is the town square. Beautifully presented, inviting guests to gather around the hub of our restaurant. Our cocktail focus is to present the classics in an updated, elevated hand-mixed preparation. A walk down memory lane to a time when the cocktail was sexy, freeing and original, we bring in the best spirits and mixers available, remaining true to the original. Our beer and wine programs adhere to the same philosophy of approachable quality. Each have been selected for their compatibility with the menu as well as stand-alone values. Expect Happy Hours daily, specials, and ever-changing selections allowing us to offer either your favorite “regular” or something new. Dedicated to professionalism and craftsmanship, our bar team is here to serve you.
Doug Scott, Owner" -fb

5:00pm Happy Hour

1265 Alpine Ave,
Boulder, CO 80304

See ya there!
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell
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