Ghost BBQ & Spirits  -  Weds.Feb.24.16

"Although the promise of low and slow Texas-style barbecue is enough to draw foodies into the Ghost BBQ and Spirits in the Boulder Theater, the ghost stories alone lured me inside. Like the locationís predecessor Georgeís Food & Drink, the newly opened joint pays homage to George Paper, the alleged ghost whose spirit supposedly haunts the bathrooms, bar, and hallways of the theater. Paper, who was the manager in the early to mid 1900s, reportedly died while working on the theaterís lighting rigging. Ever since, ghostly images of him roaming the halls, turning lights on and off, messing with the water in the sinks, and opening and closing bathroom doors have scared many generations of employees and patrons."  -5280

Additionally, we are going to see if some generous soul might be willing to part with sold out show tickets to the Banff Mountain Film Festival that is going on next door @ the Boulder Theatre that night.  I'm feeling lucky! 

5pm - HH
2028 14th St.,
Boulder, CO

See ya there!
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell
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