Elks Boulder Beach Club - Fri.8.2.13

Bring you bathing suit and get ready for some strong drinks.  Liquid Therapy this week is at the Elks Pool.  (Also wander around inside and think "70's Halloween Party - not 70's Party, but what would people wear to a Halloween Costume Party in the 70's?  - Read this place hasn't been updated since then)  Anyway, back to the pool.  They have burgers and other food to buy, strong margaritas and cocktails, and a 3 Meter High Diving Board, perfect for cannonballs and trying to soak the lifeguards. 

Admission is free on Friday Nights.

5:30pm - Happy Hour
Community Center Swimming Pool
3975 N. 28th St,
Boulder, Colorado 80301
(303) 442-5003


 See ya there!

Jim- 303/819.0053 cell

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