StarLite Diner -   -  Thur.4.12.12


  • StarLite Diner & Lounge, a 1950s-style diner, opened Tuesday afternoon at the Twenty Ninth Street mall in Boulder.

    "StarLite is a “classic burgers, shakes and fries” diner with comfort food fare, gluten-free items, a full bar and an “extensive” dessert menu, said Sara Wells, a StarLite spokeswoman. StarLite Diner & Lounge was founded by the operators of Boulder Creek Events, which bases its headquarters at Twenty Ninth Street and also operates a staking rink and concert series at the mall. Boulder Creek Events' owners also run Street Legal Pizza and Street Legal Burgers in Broomfield.  - cd

    5:00pm  Happy Hour
    1750 29th St.
    Boulder CO 80304
  • See ya there!
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