The Med Thur.4.5.2012
Eliot's Bday @ the Med.  Stop by this Thursday to one of Boulder's Best Happy Hours.  They've changed the menu again so there are lots of new surprises waiting for you. 

"With its recent indoor expansion, The Med's quaint outdoor space isn't as central to the place as it used to be. But with outdoor murals in bright colors, food inspired by southern Europe's healthiest cultures, and a breezeway that's just a block south of the walking mall, it's no wonder that this outdoor patio space has won "best of" props among Boulderites more than once."  -cd 


Meet at the new bar. 

Happy Hour 
1002 Walnut St. (& 10th)
Boulder, CO 80302   map

See ya there!

Jim  303.819.0053