- Thur.Dec.15.11

"The Trilogy triplets (Jill, Jessica and Jennifer Emich) just announced plans for their latest project -- Shine ShineBoulder

The Emichs had a 10-year run operating downtown's Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge. The venue was a favorite Boulder gathering place, but the sisters closed the club in 2009 to explore their options.

Shine's plan focuses on the sisters opening a multi-use operation that would give Boulder a unique music, dining and community-based experience." -cd


Wow, it was only a few months ago we did a liquid-therapy here when it was called Los Oasis.  Oh well, the only constant is change. 

We'll start next door at the old Trilogy Wine Bar which is now Shugs Low Country.  

5:30 pm
Happy Hour 
2017 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

7:00 pm
OM Collection fashion show plus DJ and theatrical performances
2027 13th Street, Boulder CO 80302

See ya there!


Jim- 303/819.0053 cell

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