Unsportsmanlike buffalo wings-  Thur.July.29.2010 

This classic sports bar right on Pearl St. makes hot wings.  But they also make really, really, hot hot wings.  Some people think that they might not be that hot.  But with a name like unsportsmanlike hot wings, we'll see.  This Thursday there will be some bets on the line, some cold beer in the glasses, and some hot hot wings.  Show up and see what you're made of. 

Classic Buffalo, "Unsportsmanlike" (hot as hell), teriyaki sesame, barbeque or blackened with pineapple mojo salsa. Served with celery and house bleu cheese

See ya there!
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell
  • Happy Hour
    4 pm - 6pm - Lazy Dog

    1346 Pearl St.   map
    Boulder CO  80302

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