Hot Tub Time Machine Party at Arapahoe Basin

Saturday - may 22 2010 1986 

Thanks to a totally excellent find on craigslist, a real 1986 Hot Tub will be transported to Arapahoe Basin this Saturday, along with music, beer, and bikinis, for an experiment.  An experiment that just might work!!!

Jacob: "Guys! This is scientifically possible."
Lou: "Oh, my god. Okay, Professor Hawking, tell me in your robot voice how this is scientifically possible."

In 2008 and in 2006 we brought hot tubs at Abasin.  There was retro ski wear, A red carpet, kegs, BBQ, sunshine, bikinis, and a hot tub.  But that was for a hot tub only a few feet from the slopes for the Thrift Store Ski Party.  This year add some "Fucking Russian energy drink, Chernobly. Its got some shit in it, not even legal here." to the kegs, music, bikinis, a High Definition Camera, and we've got the makings of another nother great documentary mocumentary.

Bring your skis, boards, something for the grill, some lawn chairs, and of course your Time Machine skiwear. 

An experiment that just might work!!!
Where: Arapahoe Basin
5808 Dillon, Colorado 80435
When: Saturday - may 22 2010 1986
Daytime: 10am-4:30pm or last chair up

Read centerfold article by Laura Lieff about the past.   

See ya there!
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell
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