UPSLOPE BREWING CO-  Thu 3/26/2009

"Well, we like beer  A lot. Especially good beer. And Upslope is certainly just that - good beer.  

Their IPA has huge balls. At 7.2% alcohol, the booze taste is nicely masked by a quick hoppy smack in the mouth and a malty kick to back it up. For such high alcohol content, this beer is real tasty without being overly bitter.

For drinkers after a more simple and lighter (but by no means 'light' or ever worse, 'lite') beverage, Upslope offers a standard drinkable Pale Ale. It's a solid go-to middle of the road delicious beer, but still packs a punch.

It's tough to pick between their two available beers, so just get both."  -ihb

  • 5:00pm
    1501 Lee Hill Road # 20
    Boulder CO  80304 
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