Metal Shakespeare Company-  weds.aug.05.09

What do you get when to cross Iron Maiden & Shakespeare?  Metal Shakespeare Company. 

"Then there's "The Drunken Porter," about a character in "Macbeth." Simms calls it "Shakespeare's five-minute homage to alcohol."    "It hath within it, much humor, despite its tragic events," Simms said. "From our perspective, one of his funniest moments in any play. For the comedies are not so, as they say, 'ha ha` funny."

(Shakespeare knew how to get his drink on. "Macbeth" can be funnier than the funny plays.)

MSC was actually hatched in a bar over beers." -cudaily

Who: Colorado Shakespeare Festival presents the Metal Shakespeare Company
When: 5 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Lawn in front of Hellems Arts and Sciences, University of Colorado campus, Boulder
Cost: Free

then it's across the street to

The Sink.
1165 13th St
Boulder, CO 80302-7015
(303) 444-7465  map

See ya there!
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell
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