"Brasserie Ten Ten has all the ingredients of a fine French restaurant: classic cuisine, white linens, polished silver and stemware, handcrafted walnut woodwork and Carrara marble mosaic floors. Located at 1011 Walnut St., Boulder’s newest French restaurant makes you feel you could be dining in Europe, New York or San Francisco. But although the atmosphere is big city, the prices are not. Appetizers and desserts cost under $8, lunch entrées are under $10 and dinner entreés range from $9 to $22." -GB

Drink specials: $3 select beers, $3.25 select wines, $3.50 select spirits

Food specials: Snacks ranging in price from $1 to $5, such as olives, frites, burger, fish and chips, etc.

5:00 pm -
1011 Walnut St

Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 998-1010

See ya there,

Jim  303.819.0053