Kinetics Build - Boiling Man

Sunday April 23, 2006

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We're building a wearable hot tub.  Come help this Sunday @ 11am - beer will be provided. 

We got the idea for Boiling Man few weeks ago at A-basin's Thrift Store Ski Party - see video

Come help be part of Kinetics because life isn't a spectator sport. This year we're scaling way back.  Our team is more focused on the 'party' then the race.  We'll have beer, BBQ, and a hot tub all revved up and ready to go on the beach.  In the past we've had huge teams and expect the same this year.  The big difference this year is the 'work' that our volunteers have to do.  This year, just come out and party.  The perfect warm up for vogellarosa

See videos and photos from last year

see 2005 video 1  3:50 mins
see 2005 video 2 
4:40 mins   
see all the race photos

11:00 am - Build
2244 Mapleton Ave. Map
Boulder CO  80304

or call Jim 303.819.0053  

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