Boiling Man  - April.01.06 

The idea about the hot tub: 

Retro ski wear, A red carpet, kegs, BBQ, sunshine, bikinis, and a hot tub.  All this Saturday @ Arapahoe Basin

Who doesn't think it's a great idea to have a hot tub only a few feet from the slopes for the Thrift Store Ski Party?  Add a keg, some music, a few girls in bikinis, a High Definition Camera from BTV, and we've got the makings of a documentary mocumentary worthy of entering in a few film festivals around Colorado.  And with Kinetics just a few weeks later, I'm certain there will be a convergence of themes. 

The tub runs 220 volts x 30 amps = 6600 watts (peak) with a 50 amp breaker.  We just got a 220v generator  - and we've secured a trailer and truck for the move.  Hot tub + snow = Party!

We'll have a BBQ so bring your skis, boards, something for the grill, some lawn chairs, and of course your Thrift Store skiwear. 

Where: Arapahoe BasinA-basin!
When: April 1, 2006
Daytime: A-basin

Also get $12 off your ski ticket below.

See ya there!  Jim - 303-819.0053

The Idea About the Party:

"The date was November 20th, 1999. After a highly successful and seemingly innocent Thrift Store party in Boulder, CO., the following question quickly surfaced: How do you throw the best party ever? The answer came down like a bolt of lightening cast from the holy one himself: Vintage Ski Wear + The Most Attractive People on the Planet + Chinese Downhill = Full Success. So, armed with the blessing from a higher power, and the unrelenting desire for enjoyment, we set out to plan the First Annual Thrift Store Ski Party (aka "The Best Party You've Ever Been To")."-tssp

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more technical details:

Stark has eight 50 gallon clean drums we can fill with water from my hose. 

50 gallons = 400 pounds each.

Times 8 = 3200 pounds.  That will fit on Bob’s Trailer and fill the hot tub. 

Each one seals shut = no spillage.

If necessary we bring Bobby’s trailer too with the hot tub and generator, BBQ, Kegs, etc…

Drop it all at A-basin, use Ken’s wakeboarding boat pump to pump out of the blue 50 gallon drums into the hot tub and bada-bing-bada-boom we’re soaking.

All for free.

 (It might work like this at Kinetics too – better than sucking up Res. water) 

 “I love it when a plan comes together….” Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith A-Team