Broom Ball - Sat. 12/23/06

(1999) The Cadillac crew assembles for the annual Christmas Broomball match on Johnson's frozen pond.  It took 4 hours to clear the snow from the ice for the one hour game.  The outside temperature at face off (7:00 p.m.) was a chilly -7 degrees Fahrenheit.  Brrrrrr.

(2004) Mugan decided to ride a little baby motorcycle on ice for the first time. 

(2005)  Mugan decides to the get a full powered Honda 450cc up to over 80 miles an hour on the ice complete with full racing studs in a first ever attempt to ride across the canal from Lake Cadillac to Lake Mitchell.  Although this stunt has been previously performed on a snowmobile, no one has ever attempted on a motocross motorcycle!  this might just be a world record! 

(2006)  Last year Mugan got sick and didn't attempt the feat.  This year, he'll try again, and Mike Johnson will be pulled behind on skis.  This is definitely going to make it on youtube.    

Dusk (5:00 pm)  - Mugan, wearing a lifejacket and full dry suit, will attempt to poach the canal.

5:30 p.m. -
Pre-party an Anderson's 
8951 Lamplighter Lane,   map
Cadillac, MI  49601  

8:00 p.m. -
Johnny's Fish & Game Park
- Broomball Game
5465 E. 46½ Rd.,   map
Cadillac, MI  49601

(please do not distribute or forward this website page as this might not be totally legal) 

See ya there!