www.liquid-therapy.com is back  -  24 February 2005

Liquid-Therapy is back.  After a month of technical difficulties, it's time to dust off those cocktail glasses! 

First, we have to pour a little Bud Light on the ground for liquid-therapy original founder and website host for years, Paul Meyer.  He's been too busy out boozing in foreign lands to keep his website virus free and up and running.  So first we switched host services to the most Tivo-ed Super Bowl add of the year, GoDaddy.com and we're now getting domain names for only $8 too.  Then we had to move a few hundred megs and almost 300 weeks of drinking data across the country to a little local web server here in Colorado thanks to co.liquid-therapy irregular - and local legend - Bill Flinchbaugh.  He's been kind enough to keep the happy hours alive in 2005. 

So now that the technical issues are surmounted for now; we need an excuse.  After reading a Daily Camera Article last Sunday we found one.  Boulder is home to other local happy hour group that also gets thirsty on Thursday nights.  And with a catchy name like thirstdays we have to check them out.  So this Thursday, let's head on down to a LT favorite, Naked Fish.  We'll shake a few new hands and imbibe a few cocktails. 

Liquid-Therapy meets Thirstdays!
Location: The Naked Fish -
05:30 PM
1346 Pearl St.
See ya there!
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell
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