Back to where it all began...

What the 6-pack in San Francisco started all those years ago, will be revisited after three hundred and thirteen Colorado liquid-therapies, many more in Ecuador, Wisconsin, Seattle, & San Diego respectively.  

Revisit the glory first at:

Kennedy's Irish Pub and Curry House - kennedys "An "Irish" pub and an Indian curry house in one. While the food isn't worth raving about, the beer selection is secretly one of San Francisco's best. And if the beer's good, well then the food is just fine.  "

5:00 - Kennedy's Irish Pub
1040 Columbus Ave 
San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: 415 441 8855

Then we'll head to the Bamboo Hut...

"The Bamboo Hut reminds everybody of the legendary Trader Vic's. Bamboo is everywhere - from the walls to the tables and chairs. As you look around the room, you find Blowfish lights, a full Palapa bar, and a 7 foot tall, 1948 Tiki god presiding over a trickling waterfall."

7:00 - The Bamboo Hut
479 Broadway Street,   map
San Francisco, CA. 94133

See ya there!
Jim- 303/819.0053 cell

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