Saturday April 30, 2005 -10:00am 

see 2005 video 1  3:50 mins
see 2005 video 2 
4:40 mins


PARADE:  APRIL 30, 2005
RACE:  MAY 07, 2005



Come help be part of Kinetics.  Life isn't a spectator sport.  Get involved this Saturday at the Parade with our life size "animal house" cake!  This year is going to be the biggest Kinetics ever.  And we've got a secret.  ;-) 

$25 gets you free beer at the parade & race and free entrance & parking to Kinetics.
plus First 15 people to pre-pay get a free kinetics T-shirt. 
(send a check to 2244 Mapleton Ave, B'ldr 80304) or use paypal.)

Kinetics Parade is this Saturday!   

Show up at my house at 10:00 am on Saturday.  (brake test at 10:30 on Pearl St. Mall)

 We need extra “teams” so show up with anything inflatable that will float (inner tub, water wings, pool raft, etc… and wear a funny hat or something – we’ll assign your team when you get here) 

 If you don’t do that – wear an apron and bring an oven mitt (we’ll supply the bakers hat @ flower) – and you’ll end up on the cake team.  We’ll split up 50/50.

 Also need 6-10 dozen cupcakes.  Email me if you can bake up a batch.

10:00am - Parade 
2244 Mapleton AVe. Map
Boulder CO  80304


or call Jim 303.819.0053