Broom Ball - Fri. 12/23/05

(1999) The Cadillac crew assembles for the annual Christmas Broomball match on Johnson's frozen pond.  It took 4 hours to clear the snow from the ice for the one hour game.  The outside temperature at face off (7:00 p.m.) was a chilly -7 degrees Fahrenheit.  Brrrrrr.

(2004) Mugan decided to ride a little baby motorcycle on ice for the first time. 

(2005)  Mugan decides to the get a full powered Honda 450cc up to over 80 miles an hour on the ice complete with full racing studs in a first ever attempt to ride across the canal from Lake Cadillac to Lake Mitchell.  Although this stunt has been previously performed on a snowmobile, no one has ever attempted on a motocross motorcycle!  this might just be a world record!

Dusk (5:00 pm)  - Mugan, wearing a lifejacket and full dry suit, will attempt to poach the canal.

6:00 p.m. -
Johnny's Fish & Game Park - Broomball Game
5465 E. 46½ Rd.,   map
Cadillac, MI  49601

Alternative address if pond is not frozen.
Bellows / Anderson compound
309 East Lake Mitchell Drive  map
Cadillac MI  49601

(please do not distribute or forward this website page as this might not be totally legal) 

See ya there!