Kinetics is back ON High Definition HDTV!  -  Fri./May.07.04
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HDNet - Across America

Across America is HDNet's totally original magazine-format series, featuring the events and adventures of every day people all across the country. Highly visual and informative, Across America gives you an unparalleled view into the characters and experiences that shape American life. Hosted by Kandace Krueger and Ron Kruck, Across America invites you to escape and dares you to dream with a new episode premiering every Wednesday on HDNet.

Ron Kruck has got cameras, a sound guy, and lighting guy for 2 days. Fri. & Sat. and they want to Feature WEST aNILEators at Kinetics.

They plan on following our team Friday from my driveway to the reservoir for the initial water test of the boat.  Start here @3:30 and follow us on our ‘journey’ to Kinetics.  Wear your T-Shirt!  Get out of work early.  This is gonna be sweet!!!!

 3:30 pm
2244 Mapleton
Boulder CO  80304

See ya there...

Jim 303.819.0053


see photos from the parade


Thanks to a generous financial gift from 4th year Liquid-therapy kineticist Luke Wyckoff - and Curtis Wester - liquid-therapy has teemed up with 10 year kineticist Steve Craig to bring together two good teams and create one great team!  The brilliance of this synergy will be the biggest team at Kinetics this year.  We'll have a role for everyone; Whether you want to push, pull, peddle, or just kick back on the beach and drink beers, this team is for you!

You can PayPal me your $25 or drop a check in the mail to:  2244 Mapleton, Boulder, 80304  Same as last year, $25 gets you a ride in for free and all the beer you can drink all day in the sunshine (and left over keg stands after the race!)  

archive photos:
Life Magazine - the boat we later rented
photos I took the first year I attended as a spectator
2001:  Liquid-therapy
building & then parade day & then Race Day  
2002:  Liquid-therapy
featured on application & then parade day & then Race Day
2003:  Where the Wild Thing Play Parade and Race Day
2004:  West-Nilelators build, & then parade day & then Race Day

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