Vinotok  -- sat.sep.20.03   

"Based on a smattering of Viking traditions and entirely fabricated, full-contact drinking ritual, Crested Butte's Vinotok festival is hands-down the best pagan ritual we know of." 

"Saturday's activities commence at dusk with an event inexplicably dubbed, Mumming, during which CB residents parade through town dressed in medieval garb, pausing at restaurants to sing cheers and slam shots.  Then there is the "Passion Play," an elaborate act in which the Green Man - representing the most virile guy in town - beheads the Great Grump, a 20 foot tall effigy on wheels symbolizing last year's gripes. 

The play doesn't always go as planned.  "I missed part of the thing," says one-time Green Man Alan Bernholtz, "because I was too busy being fondled."  Finally, the Grump - along with splintered skis - are burned in a massive bonfire.  Then the people disrobe and rage late into the night." 

7:00 p.m. - Main Street  map
Crested Butte CO 

see ya there!  jim 303.819.0053