Super Bowl Party  -  Sun.Jan.26  



A complimentary keg of beer will be provided by your hosts and the Liquid-Therapy Slush Fund.  

Super Bowl Sunday isnít just another excuse to drink beer at Starkís house.  Itís an excuse to drink free beer at Starkís house.  LIQUID-THERAPY is picking up a keg to make up for those damn cops and hotel managers from Parade of Lights that prevented some from getting in.  Come make up for it this week!   Bring a dish to pass (chips and dips count). 

Stark's & Pete's Super Bowl Compound
3015 Grove
Denver, CO    map
3:00 p.m. Pre Game
4:00 p.m. Kickoff Super Bowl XXXVII

See ya there!
Jim- 7303.819.0053 cell 

Beer, PETA points out, is fat and cholesterol-free and contains no hormones or antibiotics, while milk is loaded with fat, contains 20 mg of cholesterol in every 8 ounce glass, and is loaded with the pesticides and antibiotics fed to cows, including a bovine growth hormone that can make men grow breasts. They claim the consumption of dairy foods is also linked to diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.