March 8th

"Gaining worldwide attention and a lot of raised eyebrows, the inaugural festival was an overwhelming success with Coffin Races, Dead Guy Tours, a Parade, Look-a-like contest and much more."  

Little did Liquid-Therapy know when we first checked out this dead guy back on Event # 009 a few years later they would actually have a weekend in Nederland celebrating him.  We can't miss this! 

1:00pm - 4:00pm Coffin Races at Chipeta Park
(Includes all races and awards ceremony)
4:00pm “Grandpa’s In The Tuff Shed”,
at the
Backdoor Theater
7:00pm - Midnight “Grandpa’s Blue Ball”, Including the Bride of Grandpa and Grandpa look-alike contests, and dancing to live music
All Day Tours to the Tuff Shed

Read more about this wacky story at: and also

See ya there!

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