Tenacious D - Monday, Apr. 22 Recommended by our editors

"Once the announcer warns ovulating women away from the stage, these bad boys kick out the jams."

The Skinny

"Loosely based on life (imitating art, and vice versa), dynamic duo Jack Black (who made a memorable turn in "High Fidelity") and Kyle Gass are delusional open mic performers who strum stylized rock with a gangsta rap twist. Sound sick, twisted and offensive? Oh, it is. In angelic, Robert Plant-like voices, the two harmonize expletives and weave silly mystical tales about Sasquatch and demons they've slayed with their musical prowess. Rumor has it, the two are working on a film-length version of their TV series. Be afraid."

The Crowd
People who actually saw the HBO series, and friends who've been told, "I swear this will be really funny."
Kristy Martin

8:00 pm - Tenacious D - $20
Fillmore Auditorium
1510 Clarkson St
Denver,  CO   map

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Your sauce will mix with ours, and we'll make a big goulash baby
(4 out of 4 stars (with 4 being the best))
Posted by An Anonymous User on Apr. 09, 2002

[from houston.citysearch.com]

I saw these guys on HBO a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. They are a lot like Spinal Tap, except they actually have musical talent, molded with demented lyrics about Dio and C*** Pushups. Go see the D!!!

Tenacious D blew my ass out while I creamed my jeans
(4 out of 4 stars (with 4 being the best))
Posted byFeral in AlbuquerqNm on Mar. 12, 2002

[from denver.citysearch.com]

If you like the D and you've never seen the D, GO SEE THE D!!! They are the best thing since drive-through liquor stores. No, they are better than that. They rock me...they rock me soo hard.