Fri./April 12

Located in the newly remodeled lower level of Denver's most historic building, our 5000 sq. ft. theater is designed to maximize the impact of every one of our original comedy shows.

A brand new sketch comedy show with eighteen hilarious scenes presented in rapid fire succession, tied together in unexpected ways and forcing audiences to laugh until they cry.  But first we lube our giggle at the Purple Martini.

On-again off-again LTer Matt Hall will be joining for his last in-country event before heading down to Ecuador. Be looking for the birth of for sordid detailed news of Latin booze.

Purple Martini  - 6pm
1328 15th St.  map
Denver, CO  

Spackle the Crack - 9:30pm  - Tickets are $20
1601 Arapaho   map
Denver, CO  80202

Read The Denver Post Review. 4 out of 4 stars!

Come and laugh in style!