Tom Scholten & the Flatirons    -  Friday, July 5, 2002

"Seventy miles west of Denver across the Continental Divide, the Old West mining town of Breckenridge has welcomed pioneers and adventurers for 140 years. The Village at Breckenridge Resort continues this legendary tradition of hospitality, showing visitors the wonders of the Rockies and the charm of this Victorian Village right from the heart of Main Street."

Flatirons will be playing Friday night to celebrate Ryan and Laura's wedding the following day. 

"Scholten's lilting twang pays homage to an easy-going, feel-good Rocky Mountain lyrical tour of Colorado. Old times in northern Michigan are similarly lauded in "Old Moose,"..a touching account of pickup truck rides, "poppin' cold ones" and the important, multiple roles played by elders that wax in retrospective intensity as the years roll by..."
- Boulder Weekly 

PARK AVENUE PUB- 8:30 p.m.
605 S. Park Ave.,
flat1.JPG (264227 bytes)Breckenridge

See ya there!  
Jim- 303-819/0053 cell