BBQ -  Sat/Sep.21

It's liquid-therapy in-frequent, Jon Miller's Birthday!!!  And to celebrate after we checked out Boulder's newest Bar he's having a BBQ.

"Two weeks after Chris had his White Trash b-day bash in Lafayette, we have Jon's 26th birthday to celebrate. Now, I'm sure you all remember the "difficulties" Jon had last year for his birthday celebration, on the way into Boulder after a couple shots at dinner. So this year, we're going to do a BBQ at the Miller-Jurbala apartment in Broomfield on Saturday Sept 21st, starting around 1pm. That way, there won't be any need for Jon to sleep in Mike's car in the parking lot.

Jon tells me there are some really good games on that day - even though OU isn't playing :-). We'll have the popular BBQ meat (hamburgers, hot dogs,

brats) and some side dishes. Bring anything else you want, and whatever you want to drink. Let me know if you are going to make it, and if you are going to bring anything, so I can make sure we have enough BBQ food!!

We might have to take all doors off their hinges, and put away any porch chairs, since there seems to be a damage trend occurring ;-) We'll have a new Knee-Gimp (Bill) attending the party, but their apartment is on the first floor, so wheelchair accessible!

Bring your swimsuit if you want, b/c there's a pool and hottub in their complex. See you guys there!"  - Laura

Directions  map

Take 287 to Miramonte Blvd (Miramonte is a couple miles north of 36 on 287) Go east on Miramonte Take your first right onto Opal St Take your first left into the apartment complex - "Miramonte Ranch", I think it's called To get through your gate, punch in #5227 on the call-box, and the gate will open If you can't get in, then call Jon's house at 303-469-6493 After you get through the gate, take your first left, and then your first left again Park near there - Jon and Mike's apartment is #101