Evergreen's Ice  - Fri./Jan, 18, '02
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Last year the ice melted before we got to check out this funky little mountain town just west of Denver.  But this year we'll glide across Evergreen's huge frozen lake ready for ice skating every night of the week.  This year we'll catch a little winter wonderland before it slips away again for another year.

The most  famous bar in town is the Little BearIt's a wild mountain roadhouse like nothing else in Denver!    "This bar should be a Colorado landmark by now. The Little Bear has always been one of the more rustic places to hang out in when you're tired of the city. Go here for a true taste of what the Colorado mountains have to offer. Ladies: Bring an extra bra, because one might end up in the rafters. " -dc 

7-9 pm  - Lake House
29614 Upper Bear Creek Rd.
Evergreen  CO 80439    map
Ice Skating Hotline - 303 512 9300 
Skate:  $3.50 per person
Rent Stakes:  $2 an hour

9:00 p.m. - Warm up Drinks
Little Bear
28075 Hwy 74
Evergreen  CO    map

See ya there!
Jim- 303.440.4141